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In Motion with the Zebras

Zebras In Motion was founded to increase awareness for the rare disease, Amyloidosis. The Zebra is a symbol for rare diseases. In the medical world doctors aren’t trained to look for zebras first – the rare cases; instead they focus on the horses – the obvious. Once the obvious is ruled out, if you are lucky you may find a few doctors who are experienced to look for the rare diseases.

Our family wasn’t so lucky. We lost our sister Charmaine to Amyloidosis in 2019. Charmaine was an otherwise healthy and avid life-long runner who noticed something was wrong after running a race in the D.C. area. It took months to get a correct diagnosis, but by then it was too late. The disease progressed and she wasn’t able to out run it in time. Her identical twin sister Elaine is also a runner. They ran races together for years in the D.C. and surrounding areas. Together their goal was to start their own race to bring about awareness for Amyloidosis and to help others who also need the support and education.

In honor of her memory and her passion for running and bringing people to health and wellness, Zebras In Motion will continue her legacy and make her goal of having her own race a reality. We learned from this process that education and awareness are key! You can live with Amyloidosis, but an early and correct diagnosis, is critical for treatment. That’s why we want to raise awareness and support the research needed to make a difference with this disease.

You, too, can help end Amyloidosis next week Get Fit and Help End Amyloidosis

For more information about Amyloidosis visit Amyloidosis Foundation

For more information about Zebras In Motion visit Zebras In Motion

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